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Principal's Message

Dear Students, Parents, and Staff,

As we reach the end of this school term, I want to take a moment to celebrate and reflect on the incredible accomplishments of our school community.

Academically, our students have shown tremendous perseverance and achievement. It’s inspiring to see the commitment to learning and growth that each student brings to our school.

Catholic Performing Arts season is in full swing this term. The dedication and hard work of everyone involved, from performers to the teachers, truly deserve recognition. Congratulations to all the students and staff for their commendable efforts in making the Catholic Performing Arts a success going into next term.

Our success in interschool sports this term has been remarkable. The dedication and teamwork displayed by our students are truly commendable. Your hard work and sportsmanship have made SOTS proud.

We are also deeply grateful for the unwavering support from our parents. Your involvement in supporting our interschool teams, the school disco, the Mother’s Day store, and numerous other events has been invaluable. Your partnership makes a significant difference in our students’ experiences and successes.

To our wonderful staff, I extend my heartfelt thanks for your tireless commitment and enthusiasm. Your willingness to go the extra mile, especially in this long term, has not gone unnoticed. Your dedication is the backbone of our school’s success.

We are thrilled to share the wonderful achievements and activities our students have been involved in recently. From academic to extracurricular successes, there’s so much to celebrate!

To see more highlights and stay updated with all the amazing things happening at our school, we invite you to visit our Facebook page. You’ll find photos, stories, and more that showcase the hard work and dedication of our students and staff, especially the letter from our first principal, Sister Catherine Brabender. Sister expressed her thanks for our wonderful donation of $6 866 to Ndoromo school in South Sudan. Our connection with our founding Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions and our Parish keeps alive our Catholic identity.

As we now look forward to a well-deserved break, I wish everyone a safe and blessed holiday. Enjoy this time to rest, recharge, and spend quality moments with your loved ones.

Warm regards,

Mauricio Da Silva

Students will return to school on the 16th of July 2024


Berry Street Education Model

Star of the Sea teachers and educators will be participating in a professional development course run by the Berry Street Education Model.

Berry Street exists to help those experiencing poverty, violence and abuse, and to help families stay together in safe and healthy homes so they can create the future they imagine for themselves. This is what we mean by ‘believing in children, young people, families and their future’.

Our organisation was founded on leading social and systemic change. We began in 1877, when a group of courageous women defied the social norms of the day to care for mothers and babies who had been abandoned.
Despite the positive changes we’ve seen, for some young people and their families, life is getting worse, more children are being removed from home than ever before, more young people are disengaging from school.

1 in 4 young Australians meet the criteria for psychological distress, and 15-24 year olds have a higher proportion of mental health conditions than any other age group.  We want to see fewer children in care and more children safe with families who know how to nurture and support them. We want vulnerable learners connected to appropriate education so they can reach their potential in life. We want less family violence in our communities, and more support for victim-survivors to recover.