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Principal's Message

Dear students, parents and staff,

As we approach the end of Term 2, Semester One, I would like to thank each one of you for your contribution to a very successful and busy term. I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of stepping into the role of Acting Principal. I felt very supported by our wonderful school community; the school leadership team, staff, students, parents and Parish priests. Thank you!

School Feast Day

We had the joy of celebrating our School Feast Day, The Feast of the Visitation, on 31st May. It was extra special this year as it is the school’s 50th Year Anniversary. We were welcomed at the front of the school with a beautiful display (photo shared below). We celebrated the Holy Mass as a whole school community and students enjoyed some time and fun activities with their buddies.


Teachers have worked hard to communicate student progress during Parent Teacher Meetings and via Mid-Year Reports. It was a joy to read all student reports and see how well the students are progressing from Kindy to Year 6.

Mission Project Term 2

I would like to thank Miss Addison for coordinating our Mission Project this term for our friends in Ndormoro School in South Sudan. A special thank you to all the families who got involved and supported the children with the challenge of doing jobs at home and raising money to donate. We had 42 children involved and this group of missionary students raised a total of $2,675.20.

Thank you to everyone for your very important prayers and just a reminder that we have money tins on prayer tables so if ever you have a few coins to spare, please pop them in your class tin with a prayer. As we have said, a little money goes a long way in South Sudan and our efforts will make a big difference in keeping the school going for our friends. They get no government support for their school and it is people around the world, like us, who make it possible for them to have a school.

We have received a letter of thanks from Sister Catherine Brabender. You can view Sister Catherine’s letter below.

National Reconciliation Week

Our Year 2 classes assisted the school to celebrate National Reconciliation Week by preparing activities for the school to participate in, as well as putting together an informational PowerPoint to raise awareness of what National Reconciliation Week is all about. The theme this year was

‘Be a Voice for Generations’ and children learnt about the endeavours and achievements of Aboriginal people.

In addition, Year 2 classes were also involved in the YR 2 SOCK PROJECT as a way of making a connection with our First Nations People. Mackenzie and Grandma Robyn brought this project to our attention and 200 pairs of socks were collected and transported to a remote school in WA to help keep feet warm, clean and safe from prickles.

Thank you!

Prayers Needed/ Death Of A Former Pupil

Our school community was very saddened to hear of the death of one of our former pupils, Kieran Mc Dowall. Kieran died at work on the mines on Monday 12th June. He is remembered as a loving father of two children. On behalf of the school community, we sent flowers to Kieran’s family. As a faith community, we continue to pray for his soul and for his family members during this difficult time.

Duty Of Care/Child Safety Before School

Can I please remind parents that students must not be dropped at school before 8.00 am. Staff are not required to arrive at school before this time. SOTS Duty of Care begins at 8.00 am. We have a staff roster to provide duty of care to students from 8.00am – 8.30 am, before the classroom doors open. A letter from the Principal will be issued to parents of students who arrive at school before 8.00 am.

We have a before school OSHC in operation to cater for the families in our school community who need to access Before or After School Care. More information on this service can be found on the school website under the tab ‘Our OSHC’.


We had an incident in the car park where a child was tipped and almost knocked over by a large car on the pedestrian crossing. It was reported that the person driving the vehicle was on their phone. We have limited information on the vehicle therefore we were unable to track the driver down and communicate with them. Can I please ask parents to be mindful of children crossing the road when using the Drive Thru. Thank you.

Funerals At Church

The school has no control over the timing of funerals at the Church. We work closely with our Parish priests when a funeral may clash with school pick up times. In week 8, we received a number of concerns about the emotional scenes outside the Church during a funeral. We are a Catholic school on the grounds of a Catholic Church. In the light of faith, parents and teachers need to work together to support our children understand the reality of death and acknowledge when someone has died. This at times involves having difficult conversations.

Code of Conduct/Healthy Relationships

We all have shared responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of all members of our school community. Please take some time to read our Code of Conduct which is basically a set of guidelines for healthy relationships.

All parents agree to the school’s Code of Conduct by reading and signing a copy when you enrol your child at our school.  I’m sure you will agree it describes not just the way you want your child to behave, but also their teachers, friends and their parents. That’s because it was carefully worded to describe the characteristics of healthy relationships.

The use of digital (e.g. email) and social media (e.g. Facebook) to share information about our school, is subject to our Code of Conduct. This applies whether using official or private accounts.

We know that modelling healthy relationships is the most effective way each of us contribute to keeping your child and every student safe. Our lived standards teach students to recognise and seek out the same in peer and adult relationships at school and elsewhere.

We want our students to feel proud to belong to Star of the Sea community. We want all our communications to reflect well on them, their teachers, and staff, and on you for choosing to enrol your child here.

I therefore ask you to share responsibility for all students by taking the following steps:

  • Pause before you post – and remember online is forever
  • Address any matter about Star of the Sea Primary School directly with the classroom teacher or to Assistant Principals or Principal as appropriate, in the manner described in the Code of Conduct
  • If you are unhappy with the response, please let the Principal know
  • Address any matter about another parent or student with the parent, ideally in person, in the manner described in our Code of Conduct
  • Please do not air any grievance you may have about our school community on social or digital media, or via third party conversations
  • Any breach of the Code of Conduct, whether online or otherwise, poses a risk to students, and therefore please notify the Principal so they may address it

The Principal will notify the CEWA Chief Information Officer (CIO) of any digital or social media breaches of the Code to allow the CIO to investigate and decide whether to formally report it to the relevant social media service, government agency, or law enforcement authority.

Please reinforce this message with your child by taking the time to discuss it with them.

Finally, I hope that you all manage to have a peaceful break with quality family time over the school holidays. Enjoy!

We look forward to welcoming our Principal, Mr Mauricio Da Silva, back to SOTS next term.

Acting Principal

Lisa Boyle