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At Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School, we focus on providing our students with the skills and knowledge required to be successful learners in the 21st Century.

Our school takes great pride in the wide variety of technology available to students in all areas of the school. The available technologies are:

  • Each class has either an Interactive board or a TV with mirroring capabilities.
  • Kindy and Pre Kindy have 10 ipads per room.
  • Pre primary to Year 2 have a minimum of 15 ipads per room.
  • Year 3- 6 have 1:1 ipads that are leased by the parents.

Learning Hub

The Learning Hub is equipped with 32 Macbooks and 32 ipads.

The Learning Hub also contains a variety of robots such as Bee Bots, Edisons Microbits and Sperhos that are used to help teach coding. Digital Technologies lessons are taught in the Learning Hub by a specialist teacher for 50 minutes each week for students from Pre Primary to Year Six. An integral component of the Digital Technologies is cyber safety and promoting responsible digital learners.

ICT General Capabilities are embedded throughout the curriculum. Ipads and macbooks are used to promote student engagement, motivation and excellence. Students are encouraged to use ICT to develop their skills in problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and communication.

Pre Kindy to Year Three use Seesaw to communicate with their teacher, peers and parents. Year 4 to Year 6 use TEAMS to communicate with their teacher and peers. They also have access to all Office 365 products.

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