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Program Bahasa Indonesia at Star of the Sea Catholic Primary.

The Language Program at Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School introduces Indonesian language and culture to children from Pre-Primary through to Year Six. Year to year students consolidate and extend their understanding of the language and awareness of Indonesian culture. The program utilises EDI principles with interaction in Indonesian. Teacher and peer contact is always at the level of a student’s Indonesian. Students quickly develop receptive language competence through listening and using authentic texts. Students have opportunity to use expressive language interacting with the teacher and others. We are lucky to have an Indonesian parent, Ibu Nanda, to assist in most classes. ICT General Capabilities are embedded throughout the curriculum and iPads are a feature of regular classroom activity.

Through fundraising and direct teacher involvement, Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School supports Flores Village Partners, an NGO, in the construction and running of schools in Ngada Regency on the island of Flores. This direct involvement of an ongoing project helps students to understand the diversity found throughout Indonesia.

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