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Religious Education


Religious Education

In addition to the West Australian Curriculum, the Religious Education Units of Curriculum mandated by the Bishops are also taught.

Teachers of Religious Education must have appropriate Accreditation Status to teach Religion. Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School uses the CEWA Religious Education Guidelines in Years PP-6.

Classes from Pre Primary to Year 1 have a 15 minute Religion lesson each day. Year 2 to Year 6 have a 30 minute Religion lesson each day.


Kindy & Pre Kindy

In Kindy and Pre Kindy, Religious Education must be presented to children in a way that is appropriate to their psychological development.

In Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten, Religious Education is presented to children through the resource ‘Let the Little Children Come to Me’. Content must be largely sensory as this is the stage these children are at. God should be included in day to day experiences.

God should be included in day to day experiences. Content such as that from a Gospel story is presented with visual aids such as peg people and props. These props are left available for the children to play with and retell the story. Prayer should be presented in a way that is relative to their lives. For example, when the teacher says “Good morning” to the class, there is also someone else the children should say good morning to and that is God through prayer. “Let’s say good morning to God.” Formal and informal prayers are taught throughout the school.


MJR (Making Jesus Real)

Making Jesus Real (MJR) is not a program but a way of life.

MJR is part of our everyday lives and how we greet, treat and speak to each other. MJR supports our Religious Education program as we focus on how we are living like Jesus and appreciating the Spirit of Jesus that we see in everyday life and the people around us. Our whole school focus is to become a WESTIE:

E- encouraging
S- sorry
T- thanks
I – include
E -enthusiastic


Missions Partnership

Mission Partnership Project 2022 (Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions) “Solidarity with Sudan”. Our focus was on making a connection with our friends in Ndoromo school and to thank them for the letters they sent to us. Kirra did the art work and our Mission Leaders made 100 cards and attached a Guardian Angel medal in each card. We wanted every child to receive a card and message of friendship. We strive to embrace the Missionary Spirit of our founding sisters.

Sacramental Programme

Baptised Catholic children may prepare for and receive the following sacraments on completion of Religious Instruction and the Parish Sacramental Programme:


Year 6 and above. Must already have received the sacraments of Penance and Eucharist.


Year 4 and above. Must already have received the sacrament of Penance.


Year 3 and above.



Parents register children for sacramental preparation at the beginning of each Term.

Please contact the parish or school for more information.


More information

While special feasts and occasions are not part of the Religious Education units of work they are incorporated into the day at school to ensure they are remembered and treated in an appropriate manner. Where possible these are linked to the Religion Unit or Class theme.