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Vision Statement &
School Ethos


Vision Statement

We at Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School, value:

  • The teachings of Jesus.
  • The richness and promise of each person.
  • Learning as a life-long process, wholly dependent on a partnership between parents, teachers, students and the wider community.

We believe:

  • In the teachings of Jesus and the doctrine of the Catholic church.
  • That a safe environment promotes learning.
  • That we should respect and value the differences of all.

We promote:

Collaborative learning

  • The practice of students taking responsibility for their own actions.

We celebrate:

  • The achievements and successes of all our students.
  • Gifts of the students and teachers.
  • Our relationship with God through the gift of prayer, sacraments and attendance at Mass.

School Ethos

At Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School, students and staff work together to develop:

  • Our Catholic tradition where Christ is the centre of school life.
  • A caring place where learning is a joy and individual needs and abilities are catered for.
  • Self esteem, discipline, initiative and respect.
  • A comprehensive program of work ministering to the ‘whole person’.
  • A sense of belonging within a Christian community and the wider community.
  • An understanding and concern for the wider community.
  • Compassion for those in need and a sense of social justice and morality.
  • An understanding and appreciation of Indigenous culture and its special place within the history of Australia.
  • An understanding and appreciation of cultures other than one’s own.
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