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MJR focus for the week


You are in charge of your attitude. If you are positive, you will see the good in others and in everything around you.

Principal Message

Dear Parents and ​guardians

Welcome Back

I hope everyone had a wonderful first week back, it was wonderful to see all the smiling faces during the week. I look forward to working with you and your children.

New Staff

Each year brings positive change, this includes a few additions to our staff. We are delighted to welcome Sally Bishop​, our new Year 3 teacher, ​and Megan Williams, our new Year 1 Teacher.

Parent Teacher Information Meetings

I have attached an information PowerPoint to coincide with the classroom information that will be sent as part of the Parent Teacher Information Meetings next week. Please read the information carefully as there is important information regarding new regulations on vaccinations and volunteers.

With the current situation, we will alert parents via SMS if the information meetings ​are cancelled. If this is the case​, teachers will still send out the necessary information regarding your child’s class. Please contact your classroom teacher if you have any queries about the information.

The Principal’s PowerPoint can be found here.

Thank you

Mauricio Da Silva


Reminder of Before School Procedures

School arrivals 8.00 – 8.30am

Please gather in the undercovered area where supervision is provided by staff.

K-PP families: You may leave your children if they are happy to be left with the duty teachers to supervise.

Please note: Kindy extension children (Thur/Fri are required to deliver children to the Kindy Blue classroom and will be given access to do this. This is a regulation for the Kindy Extension Program)

YR 1: Children are supervised in the undercovered area from 8.00-8.30am. When the bell goes at 8.30am, they are walked around to their classrooms by a duty teacher. Parents are welcome to wait with children in the undercovered area and walk around to the classroom at 8.30am with children.

The ECE area gate is opened at 8.25am so children can unpack bags and be ready to enter class when the bell goes at 8.30am. Children are not to be playing at this time. They can unpack their bags and get ready to enter the classroom. It is good for children to develop independence in doing this.

Please wait in the undercovered area prior to the gate being opened. (This area will be a locked area in the near future prior to 8.25am)

We ask that all parents follow these procedures so there is clarity for all children about where they are to be to ensure they are being kept safe and supervised. When children see people gathering in other areas, they think it is okay for them to be there too and these areas are not supervised by staff.

We thank you for your cooperation.

2022 Term Dates

Term 1

  • Mon 31st January – Students Return – Term 1
  • Thur 3rd March – Pupil Free Day
  • Fri 4th March – Pupil Free Day
  • Mon 7th March – Labour Day P/H
  • Thur 7th April – Last day of Term 1 for Students
  • Fri 8th April – Pupil Free Day

Term 3

  • Mon 18th July – Students return – Term 3
  • Fri 23rd September – Last day of Term 3 for Students

Term 2

  • Mon 25th April – ANZAC Day P/H
  • Tues 26th April – Pupil Free Day
  • Wed 27th April – Students return – Term 2
  • Mon 6th June – WA Day P/H
  • Tue 7th June – Pupil Free Day
  • Fri 1st July – Last day of Term 2 for Students

Term 4

  • Mon 10th October – Students return – Term 4
  • Fri 9th December – Last day of Term for Students

Reading Club

We would like to announce that Reading Club which will run every Wednesday before school from 8:10am-8:30am will re-commence in WK 3 (Wed 16th Feb)

The aim of the reading club is to give students the opportunity to read aloud to older students or a teacher or parent.

We want students to develop a love and passion for reading so please encourage them to come along to the MULTI-PURPOSE ROOM Wednesday mornings.

If your child would like to come along and read quietly, they are more than welcome.

Parents are also welcome to attend and are invited to volunteer to hear children read.

Miss Cairns 6W

Bungaree Dental Therapy Centre

Bungaree Dental Therapy Centre is available to see children from pre-primary to year eleven.

If your primary school child is not yet enrolled you will receive forms from the school in the early weeks of term one. Please complete both forms and return them to the school. Please do not scan the forms or send photographs of the forms via email. If your child is in high school and you would like to access this service please call the clinic for information.

Clinic hours are: 8am – 1:15pm and 1:45 – 4pm. The clinic door will remain locked between 1:15 and 1:45 pm. Our telephone number is 9527 5658

Social Distancing; Our clinic and waiting area are very small, with this in mind;

  • Please telephone the clinic with enquiries on 9527 5658.
  • We kindly ask that parents do not attend the clinic without an appointment.
  • We would appreciate if just one parent or guardian could attend the clinic with patients.
  • As with all WA Health facilities; Parents and visitors to the clinic are required to wear a SURGICAL mask inside the building. If you are attending wearing a cloth reusable mask, staff will provide a surgical mask and ask you to wear it for the duration of your visit.
  • Please do not arrive more than five minutes before your appointment time. The appointment we give you is allocated appropriately with time to complete paperwork and receive a check-up/treatment. Visitors arriving early may be asked to wait outside or return to their car until nearer their appointment time.

If your child is displaying any symptoms consistent with respiratory infection we will ask you to make another appointment. Please do not bring your child to their appointment if they have a runny nose, cough, sore throat or fever. Please do not bring other children to the clinic if they are unwell.

Important Dates

7th February

  • Year 2 Parent Meeting 3:15pm
  • Year 4 Parent Meeting 3:50pm

8th February

  • Running Club 7:45am
  • Recorder Ensemble 8am
  • Breakfast Club 8:10am
  • Gardening Club 3pm
  • Kindergarten Parent Information Meeting 3:15pm
  • Year 5 Parent Information Meeting 3:50pm

9th February

  • Concert Band 8am
  • Pre Primary Parent Information Meeting 3:15pm
  • Year 6 Parent Information Meeting 3:50pm

10th February

  • Running Club 7:45am
  • Chorale 8am
  • Year 1 Parent Information Meeting 3:15pm
  • Year 3 Parent Information Meeting 3:50pm

11th February

  • Guitar Ensemble 8am
  • Assembly- Merit Certificate
  • Year 6 Whole School Mass

15th February

  • Running Club 7:45am
  • Breakfast Club 8:10am

16th February

  • Reading Club 8:10am

17th February

  • Running Club
  • Radio Experience (Head, Deputy and Technology Prefects)

18th February

  • Swimming Trials Year 3-6 (Aqua Jetty)

Early Learning Centre Care News

Welcome to 2022!

The ELC has been buzzing with excitement as we welcome our new friends. We look forward to knowing our new children and sharing this exciting journey with them at Star of the Sea. These first few weeks, we will focus on learning about each other and self-help skills as we endeavor to be more independent.

There has been a great interest and uptake of our extension program. As the numbers increase and the spots become lesser every day, we encourage parents who would like to enrol their children in this program to have a chat with one of our ELC educators who will direct you to the next step. Otherwise, we have a notice board located in the entrance of the Junior primary playground.

Out of School Hours Care News

Wow, what a busy first week back! Vacation Care was filled with some amazing incursion and excursions which we all enjoyed so much! If you or your children have any ideas for the April or July Vacation Care programs, please be sure to let a member of the team know your ideas as we begin planning our next Vacation Care period. OSHC has been super busy this week and all of us have loved seeing the familiar, and new, faces join us for Before and After School Care. This term has started with a bang and bookings are flying in. We would like to remind families that all bookings need to be made via the Xplor app with as much notice as possible. Due to ratios and staffing, it can be difficult if we have walk ins to ensure that we have enough staff. If you are struggling to book using the app, you can call us on 9553 9540.

OSHC is still undergoing our amazing transformation and we cannot wait to show you all what we have been planning. Over the coming weeks, we would love it if you could send us a family photo to add to our family tree. OSHC is our home away from home and we can’t wait to make it feel even more homey with your family photos. You can send your photos to

OSHC’s Breakfast Club is starting up again next week and OSHC will be helping to prepare a toast and pancake breakfast for the school on Tuesday mornings. If you are around the school on a Tuesday morning, feel free to pop to the undercover area for a piece of toast and a smile. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about OSHC too.


Hello! Fr. Pier here.

I pray you are well.

Every year we have parents of our Catholic schools students who choose to revive or explore their Catholic journey.

In the past we offered the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA), which helps to understand the contents of our faith.

Something was missing: a space where people could deepen their personal relationship with Jesus and our community.

This space is essential: with a living relationship with Jesus, the Catholic journey is a joy. Without it, it is a chore.

People will gauge with their leaders when they are ready to move towards RCIA, which is more like headspace.

This year we started from this space of experience, which we called Gateway.

We have just started.

If you wish to deepen your journey or start it altogether, you are welcome – come with your personal story.

  • What: Gateway. We share a meal, some insight, our experiences, and prayer.
  • When: on Tuesdays at 6.30 pm
  • Where: the presbytery, on the left of the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes.
  • Contact: For catering purposes, it would be great if you let us know.

I hope to see you there!

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Mass Times


7:30am, 9:30am

& 6:00pm

Monday – Saturday



8:00am – 9:00am Holy Hour


8:00am Intercessory Rosary

6:00pm (Vigil)


Running Club

Gardening Club

When: Tuesday and Thursday 7:45am (Starting 1st Feb 2022)

Where: Star of the Sea Oval (just turn up)

Who: Students (all year levels) Kindergarten and Pre Primary need a guardian present.

What to wear: Running attire

Please note: All students must be changed into appropriate full school uniform (either formal or sports depending upon their timetable) before school starts.

Come along for a fun morning of walking and jogging.

When: Fortnightly Tuesday’s 3-4pm

Term 1: 8th Feb, 22nd Feb, 8th March, 22nd March, 5th April

Where: The Garden Centre

Who: Students (Year 1-6), Parents

Please note: Pick up is from the front of the school at 4pm

Breakfast Club

Reading Club

When: Tuesday 8:10am

Where: Undercover Area

Who: Students (All year levels)

Please note: Toast and fruit will be provided to students. Gluten and Dairy Free options are available. Thank you to the OSHC for providing this for us.

When: Wednesday 8:10am – 8:30am (Starting 16th Feb)

Where: Multi-Purpose Room

Who: Students (All year levels)

Please note: Parents are also welcome to attend and are invited to volunteer to hear children read.