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MJR focus for the week


It’s OK to tell people what you’re good at, but you have to do it in the right way. It’s much more important to be humble and not to brag or boast. The quiet achievers are people who show their skills and talents, but don’t tell everyone about it.

Principal's Message

Dear parents

As was mentioned in our previous newsletter, we are reviewing various procedures that will aid in making sure there is clarity over communication and information. These updates, in future, will be communicated through email. The following procedures will be updated in the parent handbook and website. Please continue to assist us with your feedback.


God Bless

Mauricio Da Silva


Project Compassion

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Canteen Volunteers

We've Gone Cashless

Moving forward into 2023, the School, Care Centres, and Uniform Shop will become cashless from 1st January 2023. School Fees can be paid over the counter via Credit Card or Bank Card, by Direct Debit, or via your online banking through BPAY. Uniform Shop orders will remain online and through the shop, with the shop accepting payment via EFTPOS only. Canteen orders will remain online, and the Canteen will still accept cash orders in the morning and cash sales during the day.

Important Dates

28th February

  • Running Club 7:45am

2nd March

  • Running Club 7:45am
  • Breakfast Club 8:10am

3rd March

  • Pupil Free Day

6th March

  • Public Holiday

7th March

  • Pupil Free Day

9th March

  • Running Club 7:45am
  • Breakfast Club 8:10am

10th March

  • Assembly 8:50am

14th March

  • Running Club 7:45am

15th March

  • Pre Primary Mass

16th March

  • Running Club 7:45am
  • Breakfast Club 8:10am

17th March

  • Assembly 8:50am
  • P&F Meeting (After assembly in staffroom)

Out of School Hours Care News

What a busy week we have had here at OSHC with Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday marking the beginning of Lent and the lead up to Easter. We have been busy making pancakes and thinking of our Lent promises which we will be keeping.

We have two upcoming Pupil Free Days here in OSHC with lots of exciting things on offer so make sure you book via the Xplor app soon, so you don’t miss out. Friday the 3rd of March is a trip to the movies and Tuesday the 7th of March is Cultural Infusion Day! We cannot wait to learn how to play African music altogether. Please do not forget, OSHC is closed on Monday the 6th of March due to the Public Holiday.

Term 1 is flying by, and it will soon be Vacation Care! Our planner is full of amazing and exciting things which our children have recommended. If you need any help with bookings, please feel free to speak to a member of the team.

Early Learning Centre Care News

Welcome to Week 4 of our school Term and the beginning of Lent.

This week we have celebrated Shrove Tuesday by eating delicious pancakes and welcoming Father Pier into our classroom for Ash Wednesday. Father Pier taught us about the meaning of Ash Wednesday, and we received ashes on our forehead.

Next week our focus will be on ‘Transport’ and the way transport moves us from one point to another. If there are any parents or guardians in the transportation fields or have an interest in it that would like to come in and share this with our ELC friends, please come in and chat to one of our friendly staff members.

This is also a reminder to all parents that the 3rd of March is a pupil free day, however ELC and our 4YO Extension Program will still be running on this day.


Hello! Fr. Pier here.

I pray you are well.

Every year we have parents of our Catholic schools students who choose to revive or explore their Catholic journey.

In the past we offered the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA), which helps to understand the contents of our faith.

Something was missing: a space where people could deepen their personal relationship with Jesus and our community.

This space is essential: with a living relationship with Jesus, the Catholic journey is a joy. Without it, it is a chore.

People will gauge with their leaders when they are ready to move towards RCIA, which is more like headspace.

This year we started from this space of experience, which we called Gateway.

We have just started.

If you wish to deepen your journey or start it altogether, you are welcome – come with your personal story.

  • What: Gateway. We share a meal, some insight, our experiences, and prayer.
  • When: on Tuesdays at 6.30 pm
  • Where: the presbytery, on the left of the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes.
  • Contact: For catering purposes, it would be great if you let us know.

I hope to see you there!

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Mass Times


7:30am, 9:30am & 6:00pm

Monday – Saturday



8:00am – 9:00am Holy Hour


8:00am Intercessory Rosary

6:00pm (Vigil)


Running Club

Gardening Club

When: Tuesday and Thursday 7:45am

Where: Star of the Sea Oval (just turn up)

Who: All year levels welcome. (Students in Kindy and PP must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver).

What to wear: Running attire

Please note: All students must be changed into appropriate full school uniform (either formal or sports depending upon their timetable) before school starts.

Come along for a fun morning of walking and jogging.

When: Fortnightly Tuesday’s 3-4pm

Term 1: 7th Feb, 21st Feb, 7th March, 21st March & 4th April

Where: The Garden Centre

Who: Students (Year 1-6)

Please note: Pick up is from the front of the school at 4pm

Defence Drop In For Parents

Breakfast Club

When: Friday’s from 8:10am – 8:40am

Where: The Multi Purpose Room (Opposite the hall/uniform shop)

Who: Defence parents and students

Please note: Bring the kids and have a coffee.

When: Tuesday’s 8:10am – 8:30am

Where: Undercover Area

Who: All students

Please note: Hosted by the OSHC. Gluten and Dairy Free available