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MJR focus for the week


Being reliable is connected with TRUST. Being reliable is never letting people down. One of the most sacred things people give you is TRUST. Once you let them down it is hard to build back that trust.

Principal Message

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Welcome back to another exciting Term here at Star of the Sea. It was so pleasing to see restrictions lifted and have the community engaging with the school again.

Mother’s Day
I would like to dedicate this newsletter to all the Mothers on their special day on Sunday. Thank you to the P and F for organising our Mother’s Day Staff and Breakfast this week. It was lovely to have everyone together to celebrate our Mothers.

Thank you, Lord, that you fill a mother’s heart with love,
That you have instilled in her very being the need to protect her children if at all possible,
Thank you for giving her the gift of nurturing her children, of teaching them, of comforting them,
for feeding them and making a safe place for them.
For guiding them to be all that God has created them to be.
Fill every mother with love, wisdom and endurance,
with strength and patience and joy.
Give them ability to forgive again and again.
Enable her to rely on You and call upon You, because You will give her all she needs.
In Your precious and all powerful name, Amen

Thank you
Mauricio Da Silva

Important Dates

10th May

  • Running Club 7:45am
  • Concert Band 8am

11th May

  • Recorder Ensemble 8am

12th May

  • Running Club 7:45am
  • Year 5 Rock Band 8am

13th May

  • Guitar Ensemble 8am
  • Assembly-4G

17th May

  • Running Club 7:45am
  • Concert Band 8am
  • Gardening Club 3pm

18th May

  • Recorder Ensemble

19th May

  • Running Club 7:45am
  • Year 5 Rock Band 8am

20th May

  • Guitar Ensemble 8am
  • Assembly

Health Information from the Community Nurse

Colour Blindness
Children who are colour blind can see as clearly as other people but can’t tell the difference between some colours or see colours differently from other people. Very few people who are colour blind are ‘blind’ to all colours – most often they see red and green as very similar.

It’s good to know if a child is colour blind because they may have difficulty at school with activities that use colours, such as drawing and sorting blocks, and with computers. Please read through information on colour blindness provided by Raising Children Network.
If you have any concerns, colour vision testing can be performed by some General Practitioners (GP), eye specialists or optometrist. You can also contact your local Community Health Nurse, Rockingham EIC,9528 0800.

Scoliosis is an abnormal sideways curvature of the spine. It can be detected by a simple examination of the back. The normal spine has three curves – one in the neck, on in the upper back and one in the lower back.

These curves can be seen from the side, but when you look from behind the spine should appear straight If the spine has a sideways curve this is scoliosis.

Please read through the scoliosis information provided by Raising Children Network and check your
child for scoliosis as described. If you have any concerns, please contact your General Practitioner or Community Health Nurse,
Rockingham EIC,9528 0800.

Undescended testes
Screening for undescended testes is recommended for boys at school entry (~4-5 years of age). Around 2-4% of boys have an undescended testes at birth. But sometimes the testes (also known as testicle) is in the scrotum at birth but is pulled up into the groin or abdomen at around 4-10 years of age. This happens because the cord that attaches the testicle to the abdomen doesn’t grow at the
same rate as the child.

Undescended testes don’t fully sit within the scrotum. The condition isn’t painful but can increase the risk of several other health issues such as decreased fertility and testicular cancer. For those boys who develop an undescended testicle later in childhood, the ‘ascending’ testicle often needs surgery between 5 years and 10 years.

Please read through the information about undescended testicles provided by Raising Children Network and encourage your child to check themselves as described there. If you have any concerns, please contact your General Practitioner or Community Health Nurse, Rockingham EIC,9528 0800.

Out of School Hours Care News

Welcome back to Term 2 families. It has been a busy start to the term, and it is not long until our first Pupil Free Day of the Term. This is upcoming on the 7th of June, so please make sure you book using the Xplor app for this exciting day. A poster will be released soon with the activities for the day so keep your eyes peeled. We are also in the process of designing our Vacation Care Planner for July! Any ideas for Vacation Care would be appreciated and can be emailed to

As a quick reminder to all OSHC families, please make sure you are booking as early as possible for Before and After School Care. Unfortunately, spaces are limited and OSHC are having to cap numbers at this time, and we do not want you to miss out. All bookings are made via the Xplor app, if you have any issues with this, please let a member of the team know.

We are very excited at the moment in OSHC as families are now welcomed back into the service. Please come inside and say hello to the team who are looking forward to seeing all your smiling faces. Please remember to use the iPad to sign your child/ren in and out at the entrance of OSHC.

Early Learning Centre Care News

ELC would like to welcome all our families back and especially those starting with us this new term! What great timing because you are able to come to the classroom and look at all our work and contribute to our learning journey.

As we continue to create the sense of Belonging , Being and Becoming, we welcome our families who have not sent their family photos to please email it through to the ELC account so that we can include this in our family tree.

This week our learning journey started with ‘Environmental sounds’ as we set our foundations of letter sounds. We went for adventures all around the school grounds and spend some time listening even in the garden centre.


Hello! Fr. Pier here.

I pray you are well.

Every year we have parents of our Catholic schools students who choose to revive or explore their Catholic journey.

In the past we offered the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA), which helps to understand the contents of our faith.

Something was missing: a space where people could deepen their personal relationship with Jesus and our community.

This space is essential: with a living relationship with Jesus, the Catholic journey is a joy. Without it, it is a chore.

People will gauge with their leaders when they are ready to move towards RCIA, which is more like headspace.

This year we started from this space of experience, which we called Gateway.

We have just started.

If you wish to deepen your journey or start it altogether, you are welcome – come with your personal story.

  • What: Gateway. We share a meal, some insight, our experiences, and prayer.
  • When: on Tuesdays at 6.30 pm
  • Where: the presbytery, on the left of the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes.
  • Contact: For catering purposes, it would be great if you let us know.

I hope to see you there!

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Mass Times


7:30am, 9:30am & 6:00pm

Monday – Saturday



8:00am – 9:00am Holy Hour


8:00am Intercessory Rosary

6:00pm (Vigil)


Running Club

Gardening Club

When: Tuesday and Thursday 7:45am (Starting 3rd May 2022)

Where: Star of the Sea Oval (just turn up)

Who:  Students (all year levels)

What to wear: Running attire

Please note: All students must be changed into appropriate full school uniform (either formal or sports depending upon their timetable) before school starts.

Come along for a fun morning of walking and jogging.

When: Fortnightly Tuesday’s 3-4pm

Term 1: : 3rd May, 17th May, 31st May, 14th June, 28th June

Where: The Garden Centre

Who: Students (Year 1-6)

Please note: Pick up is from the front of the school at 4pm