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MJR focus for the week


The next time there is an argument or a fight at school, listen to the two stories that the two people tell the teacher. Well over 90% of the time you will hear “It’s not my fault, she threw the ball at me so I just hit her”, and she replied “It’s not my fault, the other girls told me to throw the ball at him so I did”. Notice both people are BLAMERS – they blame others and cannot claim that it was their fault. Both of these people need to be CLAIMERS. Very rarely do we hear “Sorry, yes it was my fault”. We all admire that ability to be so honest as to CLAIM the BLAME, but it is hard to do.

Principal's Message

Dear Parents

Survey for Parents

This year, Star of the Sea, is going through an Audit. The School Registration Audit serves as:​

  • An assessment of individual school compliance with the Registration Standards​
  • A sample of system compliance with the System Agreements and Registration Standards in each calendar year, and​
  • A data-informed opportunity to identify system trends for improvement.​

The main focus is to  Build awareness around the requirements of the Registration Standards for Non-Government Schools in Western Australia, in the context of Quality Catholic Education, CECWA Policies and Executive Directives.

Part of the process is to survey parents. This survey will provide the necessary feedback in allowing parents to have a voice as well as helping Star of the Sea become a place when children can flourish.

If you can give a few minutes of your time, the survey can be found here.

Dogs on School Grounds

I would like to remind the community that dogs are not permitted on the Star of the Sea school grounds at any time of the day, unless permission has been granted by the Principal.  Reasons for this decision are based on student safety, hygiene, allergies and possible disturbance and distraction to student learning.

Please also note that it is an offence under  The Dog Act (WA) for a dog to be on private property without occupier consent.

Your assistance and understanding with regards to the above message is greatly appreciated.

Student Achievement

SOTS have an enormous amount of students who achieve wonderful feats. If your child has achieved something outside of school, please let your child’s classroom teacher know. We love to share these achievements through assemblies or our Facebook page. These achievements don’t necessarily need to be sport related, it can be academic or the arts.

Have a blessed weekend

Mauricio Da Silva



Thank you to the P&F who but in a huge effort to make the Retro Bingo a huge success.

P&F Father's Day Celebration

P&F Father's Day Stall

Cyber Safety Presentation

The P&F are holding a Cyber Safety Presentation in the hall on Wednesday 7th at 6:30pm. Please use the EVENT BRITE link to register. This is a free event.

Africa Food Crisis

Dear Friends of Caritas

Over 18 million people are facing extreme hunger in the Horn of Africa after the worst drought in decades has devastated crops and livestock across Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia.

Kirsty Robertson, Caritas Australia’s CEO,has just returned from a visit toEthiopia: “In EthiopiaI met communities already on the brink of starvation, with almost no options left to feed themselves and their families. I met women who walk over 18 hours to get water, knowing that they have very little or even nothing to feed their children once they return.”

The war in Ukraine has only made the situation worse for countries already experiencing hunger. The Horn of Africa is heavily reliant on imported grains and fertilizers from Ukraine and Russia, which are largely no longer available. This is truly a crisis.

Caritas Australia is taking its Make Hunger History campaign to parishes and schools across Australia to raise funds for its Africa Food Crisis Appeal.

The funds raised will provide urgently needed humanitarian aid to countries in the Horn of Africa, including Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, Somalia and Eritrea.

Donations can be made at:

Important Dates


  • Running Club 7:45am
  • 6G Confirmation Workshop 4pm
  • 6B Confirmation Workshop 5:30pm

31st August

  • Father’s Day Stall
  • Year 3 Mass

1st September

  • Running Club 7:45am
  • 6W Confirmation Workshop 4pm

2nd September

  • Father’s Day Breakfast (after Mass) 8:00am
  • Assembly-PPB 8:50am
  • P&F Meeting (after assembly in staffroom) 9:30am

6th September

  • Running Club 7:45am
  • Gardening Club 3pm

7th September

  • Cyber Safety Presentation 6:30pm – Hall

8th September

  • Running Club 7:45am

9th September

  • Assembly-4B 8:50am

13th September

  • Running Club 7:45am

14th September

  • 6W Reconciliation 9:am
  • 6G Reconciliation 9:45am
  • 6B Reconciliation 10:15am

15th September

  • Running Club 7:45am
  • Inter-School Cross Country

16th September

  • Assembly-5B 8:50am

17th September

  • Confirmation 6pm

18th September

  • Confirmation 9:30am

Out of School Hours Care News

It has been such an exciting week at ELC as we joined the school in celebrating Book Week. Due to the varied attendance in the week, ELC celebrated Book Week every day this week. We have ‘travelled’ all around the globe with our books, getting to know our authors and illustrators, and the places they have been through the books. This has come at a great time as we continue our relationship with the ‘Paint Rockingham Read’ campaign that is now in the OSHC too. All of the children can now borrow books and exchange them in both centres. 

This week the ELC would like to pause and send appreciation to Bec Hammond. Bec is the Care Centres cook and OSHC Educator. Bec goes over and above in ensuring that all our children’s dietary needs are strictly adhered to. ELC would like to say a big thank you to Bec for always showing the spirit of Jesus. Bec always stops and chats with our children and takes time to find out from them what they like about the food which always ends up being about something else, but she will always stops and listen. ELC says ‘Thank you!’ 

Early Learning Centre Care News

Hi SOTS Families,

Can you believe we are already halfway through the term?  Time sure does fly when you are having fun and we have been having plenty of that lately!
Now that we have a nice, updated space with beautiful furniture and a fantastic layout, we have been putting all our concentration and determination into building an amazing weekly OSHC program for all our OSHC children to enjoy.

We have on offer every week, different activities, to match into our categories.

  1. Art & Craft
  2. Create & Play
  3. Cooking
  4. Physical Activity
  5. Imagination Station
  6. Relax & Chill
  7. Self-Initiated Free Play

We have crammed each category full of fun and educational activities and the children are loving the different challenges offered each week in the create and play as well as all our marvellous arts and craft opportunities throughout the week. We are focusing this week on making some special little gifts for a big special someone in our lives, be it our father, grandfather, uncle, mum, step-parent or just someone we look up to and who helps us to grow and learn every day.

We are busy planning for our October Vacation Care as well, and the program that is jam packed full of exciting things to do, is available on XPLOR to view and on the SOTS website. Bookings are limited and always fill up fast, so get in as soon as you can! We are looking forward to spending another wonderful vacation period with the little kiddies that make our workdays fun and full of light and laughter!

I think that’s all from us here at SOTS OSHC,

Have an amazing fortnight!


Hello! Fr. Pier here.

I pray you are well.

Every year we have parents of our Catholic schools students who choose to revive or explore their Catholic journey.

In the past we offered the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA), which helps to understand the contents of our faith.

Something was missing: a space where people could deepen their personal relationship with Jesus and our community.

This space is essential: with a living relationship with Jesus, the Catholic journey is a joy. Without it, it is a chore.

People will gauge with their leaders when they are ready to move towards RCIA, which is more like headspace.

This year we started from this space of experience, which we called Gateway.

We have just started.

If you wish to deepen your journey or start it altogether, you are welcome – come with your personal story.

  • What: Gateway. We share a meal, some insight, our experiences, and prayer.
  • When: on Tuesdays at 6.30 pm
  • Where: the presbytery, on the left of the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes.
  • Contact: For catering purposes, it would be great if you let us know.

I hope to see you there!

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Mass Times


7:30am, 9:30am & 6:00pm

Monday – Saturday



8:00am – 9:00am Holy Hour


8:00am Intercessory Rosary

6:00pm (Vigil)


Running Club

Gardening Club

Defence Drop In For Parents

When: Tuesday and Thursday 7:45am (Starting 26th July 2022)

Where: Star of the Sea Oval (just turn up)

Who:  Students (all year levels)

What to wear: Running attire

Please note: All students must be changed into appropriate full school uniform (either formal or sports depending upon their timetable) before school starts.

Come along for a fun morning of walking and jogging.

When: Fortnightly Tuesday’s 3-4pm

Term 3: 26th July, 9th August, 23rd August, 6th September, 20th September.

Where: The Garden Centre

Who: Students (Year 1-6)

Please note: Pick up is from the front of the school at 4pm

When: Friday’s from 8:10am – 8:40am

Where: The Multi Purpose Room (Opposite the hall/uniform shop)

Who: Defence parents and students

Please note: Bring the kids and have a coffee.